Best Ways To Promote Your Soundcloud Profile

promote soundcloudGood morning everyone!

Today i am going to post some more tips i have for all you Soundcloud warriors out there. If you are a musician or you just upload your music there because its your hobbie then you want to get a little exposure and people learn more about you.

So let me give you some tips that are going to help even if you are new to Soundcloud or you are an old commander who needs new weapons to his marketing war 🙂


I see hundeds of comments on songs saying things like “please check my channel” “i also have a remix of this check it here” etc.etc.

This does only one thing. Builds negative authority to you. World doesnt love spam and it will never do. So as a rule of thumb remember not to spam others. I know at the beginning things are hard but this is not the solution. Quality work is the solution.

Upload Music as often as possible00075012

You don’t need to upload a new track everyday. But 1 or better 2 new things per week is going to be great. Followers needs updates and if they are getting them rarely they are not going to be so happy. Even a podcast or a preview of a new track is great to get your followers to wait for something.

Give back to your fans

From time to time do some favors to your fans. Like say a custom name on your next track etc.etc. Make them participate by sharing your song or commenting below your track. These things can make you go viral easier.

This was my time for today i know you want more tips but don’t worry soon i will come back for more.

Take action and work hard. Results are going to come soon.

Have a nice day all of you.

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