Buy Soundcloud likes

Buy Soundcloud likesHello everyone and happy April for all of you.

We were a little busy these weeks while we were making our comments system better and our plays speed even more faster so now we can deliver even up to 10K+ plays per day at your tracks.

Now lets come to the reason i write this blog post at the moment. First of all i would like to thanks everyone for your great support. We do our best to give you the highest quality service because you are the reason we are here strong and we will continue to be 🙂

A customer added me on skype today for some simple questions he had and one of these was this one. “Do you sell likes? Can i buy Soundcloud likes from you?”

It seems like a simple question and you say ok why i have to write something about it. The thing is he was asking for Facebook likes and not for favorites as i was expecting and this was strange to me because we never did this service but i would like to ask you here if you like to see a service like this in the future from us!

You know we offer favorites but if there are a lot of people who need this service we will do our best to offer it in the next months!

Till our next blog post keep producing beautiful tracks and work hard for the things and people you love.

Have a nice sunday!


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