How to promote your Soundcloud

How to promote your Soundcloud

How to promote your Soundcloud

 Hello everyone. Today i am going to share with you some tips on how to promote your Soundcloud profile and gain the best out of it.

Before i start i want to remind you that paying for a service to boost your stats is a must if you want to get results faster. You can always work on the manual way but it will take more time and maybe you will get demotivated soon (saying this from personal experience hehe) So lets start.

Share your music

Don’t be afraid to share your music on other Social networks like Facebook-Twitter-Instagram or even under your Youtube videos. After some weeks and with all the hard work you do the traffic you are going to get is going to be enormous and it was something you didn’t had before so add this to your arsenal.

Start with free stuff

I know its very nice to get paid for something you do but doing this when you are still new in the game is only going to take money out of your pockets. Release your first tracks with free download or with a maximum numbers of downloads and when your name (brand) is well known start publishing tracks with paid downloads.

Make groups your friends

Soundcloud is full of groups and i am sure not only 1 but more than 40-50 are similar to your style. Find them join them and post quality stuff in there so people will love your posts and get to know you better.

Comment on other tracks

Remember something really important. Commenting on other songs doesn’t mean spam other users tracks. Its unbelievable how many people are posting things like “check my track” or “check this track URL” etc.etc.

You are not respecting the track owner and you don’t respect yourself and believe no one is going to give you credit for that. If you post good things and you start to make friends you will get great results in the future.

Follow other people

If commenting is a great way to make friends then following people is the greatest. Follow people who are interested in your music gendre and start sharing your music with them. Remember don’t spam them or annoy them. Good things need time so take your time.

As a closing i like to remind you that in the next hours i will send my monthly newsletter with some great offers so be sure to check it out.

Have a nice day all of you.

George T.



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