Increase Soundcloud plays

I was chilling with some friends yesterday. One of them is a music producer but he was friend of a friend so he didnt knew that i am the owner of a Soundcloud promotions website.

So after some hours he ask us something that was so simple for me but so confusing for him.

“how i can increase Soundcloud plays on all my tracks?” he said and i knew that this was my time to start talking and never stop hehe.

I explained to him that nowadays there are services online where with a small fee you can get the promotion you want and you dont have to wait or spam people to check your music, favorite your tracks all to leave a good comment.

Most of the big guys out there know about these services and believe me they take big packages of them when they want to make a hit viral. Dont forget the Youtube system guys. Before some months they deleted numerous views on the biggest artists because they were fake but now again they got it back . This is how the game works.

So if you are serious about your tracks and you love your music then buying a service that can increase Soundcloud plays is a no brainer.

If you want to test our service there are numerous packages with very small cost and if you plan to go for a bigger package you can always contact us first and maybe we can work a discount for you.

Till our next blog spot i wish you the best for your business.

Have a nice day.



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